People are my neighbors

I see people beyond their skin color. I don’t care whether they wear red, yellow, white or blue. Whether they pray morning and night, or five times a day, or pray only on Sundays. I see travel and identity documents as the convenient ways for people to locate each other should they find each other missing. I see languages as the way parents chose to communicate with their children from the day they were born. I see everyone as my neighbour, from the place I live called “Earth”.

Sell the benefits, not the features.

I drafted this a long time ago, yet never got to finish it. Now as I look through it again, I thought it would be a waste not to publish it…

  • The example of AXE (shower gel for men sold in US): “Smell good and get chicks.” — kind of sums things up!
  • When you are trying to impress a girl, you don’t flaunt the size of your wallet, your car or your penis (but of course, if you are out to get a specific type of girls only,) but you actually need to DO something to impress her.
  • When you are applying for job, do not spend all day flaunting your certificates and qualifications, show your potential employer what you can actually do for the company.
  • When people are buying a car, few people would care if the car comes with XXX, YYY, ZZZ. Let them drive the car around the block and let them decide.
  • Apple never bangs on features, in fact, Apple products always lose out in terms of specifications. But does Apple not sell more iPods, iPhones, MacBooks than any other companies in the world?

Bald statement

I finally made the bald statement!*

*Translation: I participated in this year’s Hair for Hope by Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) and had my hair shaved!

It was supposedly my last year’s agenda. But I blur sotong never registered in advance, until that day only realised walk-in would take slightly longer than forever. So I told myself, “Must do it in 2015.” And, I did!

My affinity with CCF goes way back in 2001 during my early days in Singapore. Being new in town, my social circle consisted only the cow-workers. I needed to find something meaningful to do after working hours, so I signed up as volunteer at CCF and was assigned to befriend a P1 kid who was recovering from leukaemia. Since then I started to visit the boy every week and hung out with him. A chirpy Malay boy, whose father was funny, and mother who made super-yummy Rendang!! I had eventually switched my job and started to get busy, then I had to end the assignment and lost touch with the family. If only there was Facebook then…

This is why, I had always wanted to do something for CCF again, though it’s a shame that I took so long… but hey! I did it at last!

The last time I saw myself with really short hair was in my Primary school days, since then, my hair had been… longer than short. So I was half excited, half nervous to see myself with little hair again. I thought to myself: If it turns out the short hair doesn’t work too well for me, I can comfort myself that it was all in the name of charity.

So, about the outcome. Turns out I was actually quite happy with the result! In fact, I wanted it to be even shorter, short as in, totally bald. Skinhead bald! Hmm… imagine that look, coupled with my Doc Mart! But, I scraped that thought very quickly as I started to imagine the itch it may cause. Or will it not?

Funny thing is, now on, each time I looked into the mirror I thought I look like one of the recruits in Ah Boys to Men. It also suddenly dawned on me, why soldiers had to shave their hair — When everyone became look-alike, imagine the confusing look on enemy’s face…

Pardon me for using this picture, Tom Hanks was definitely not the bad guy, but you get the idea.