I started my first blog in 1999, during the time when internet speed was 56kbps and people used phones for making calls. I used my blog to talk about interesting and funny things happening around me and to keep myself sane.

If I had been blogging about sex, politics and how to make $16,488 in one week I would be a superstar blogger by now. But that’s ok, I’m already the superstar to my wife and superhero to my kids. And my dog.

I see people beyond their skin color. I don’t care whether they wear red, yellow, white or blue. Whether they pray morning and night, or five times a day, or pray only on Sundays. I see travel and identity documents as the convenient ways for people to locate each other should they find each other missing. I see languages as the way parents chose to communicate with their children from the day they were born. I see everyone as my neighbour, from the place I live called “Earth”.