The Making of the Next Ogilvy

I know, that’s quite a big statement (the title), but they say it is better to aim for the sky, and when you fall, you will fall on the stars. So, I hope to be the Ogilvy in Web Design. Not to be as creative as him, but to build up the agency as big as his.

According to expert, the first step in starting out your own business, is to have a very clear idea of “WHY”. More than half of businesses folded up within five years, some didn’t even make it through the second year, because they didn’t know why they started the business in the first place.

So, here I am going to do my part, in defining the “WHY”. And, as a matter of fact, I have always had my “WHY” at the back of my mind.

Here’s the first WHY…: I love what I’m doing.

Seriously, I so love what I do, I can not see it being done badly by other people. If I worked for a company, I will have to follow the company’s way of doing things. And I don’t mind if they are doing it the right ways, but most of the time, I would see myself disagreeing with the way they do it (ok, maybe I simply do not like to take orders,) so the solution is to do it myself. And if I screw it up, I’ll only have myself to be blamed.

Secondly: Money, of course!

And it’s not about making more money. Trust me, I have seen more and more people who worked for other people are making more money than those who run their own businesses these days. During my last trip to Shanghai, I was drinking with a bunch of new friends. One of the guys who sells aircraft parts, is making some 20 thousand US dollars a month, and his job is to entertain the company’s clients. According to him, a typical visit to night club, he is allowed to spend about 1,000 US dollars on each client, the kind of money which many people in some part of the world can barely make in a year!

So it is really not about making more money. Instead, it’s about being able to decide how much money I want to make. To put it simply, if I feel like buying a private jet next month, all I have to do is just go out and bring in a few more projects.

Well of course, they have got to be really huge projects for me to afford a private jet. But you catch my drift.

Thirdly: To be great.

If I work for people, I can never be great. My son (if I’ll ever have one) will not be able to point at some websites and say to his classmates, “Hey guys, my dad did those websites!” Instead, he can only say, “Hey guys, my dad did those websites, when he was working in XX company…”

Maybe both situation will also create the wow factor. But I guess my son will prefer the former situation, where he always get to say things like “my dad did this”, “my dad did that”, or “would you like to work for my dad?”…

Basically, is to leave a legacy behind. My dad left us not much of things when he passed on. He didn’t send us to good schools, didn’t give us nice cars to drive, never brought us to Disneyland. But he gave us good heart and education. And that’s fine. I can always be the dad who can give my children all those good things. And in order to do that, I have to be great. And to be great, I have to do something great.

Building up my own business is something great to me. Hence, that’s why.

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