Food For Thought (Literally)

I was craving for a cone of Cornetto, so I walked into the convenient store of the petrol kiosk nearby, grabbed a cone and proceeded to pay. The cashier auntie asked if I wanted to get 3 for $4.80. I said no and paid $2.25 for just that one.

You probably think 3 for $4.80 makes a better deal, but if I couldn’t finish all 3 and I couldn’t keep them in the fridge as the ice compartment was kind of not working, I would end up wasted $2.55 ($4.80-$2.25). So is paying $4.80 to waste $2.55 a good deal?

Many of time, when I told my prospects about my web design fees, many of them would say expensive and tried to compare my estimate to someone who would do the job for less than 30% of what I have quoted. I’d always told them the same thing: for the sake of saving 70% and they chose the guy who produced the website which didn’t serve any purpose as the result (bad design, bad usability, bad coding, bad search engine ranking), they have effectively wasted not just the 30% which they have paid, they have also missed the many % of possible returns should they have chosen the guy who could do a more decent job.

Next time when you think you are looking at a good deal, try look further and see if the good deal will end up costing you a greater deal.

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