Farewell Note


Dear clients, partners and friends in Singapore,

Some of you may already knew that I’ll be moving out of Singapore in about two weeks time, I’m going to China for good. This notice is to make it official.

First of all this is not a sudden decision, I have planned on it for quite a while; no doubt my original plan was to do it slightly later, but, well, circumstances change.

Seven years ago before I came to Singapore, people told me all sorts of horrible things about Singaporeans, I actually believed what they said. After being here for years now, I must say that my perspective have changed, I mean, I can actually see it for myself the horrible things about Singaporeans…

I was just joking 🙂

Seriously. I had to be joking, knowing that I’m so outnumbered 😛

Friends who know me long enough, know very well that half of the time, things I said were just joking; and the other half of the time, I was seriously joking.

Will I ever be serious then? Well, this time I am. No, not about the part on Singaporeans, but the part on moving out of Singapore.

“But why? There are so much good things ahead for you in Singapore…” you say?

Yes I know, and I know you weren’t talking about the GST, the ERP and the upcoming IR.

But in all fairness, I have had quite a good time living in Singapore. Many of you may not see it this way, but compare to where I came from, it is actually so much easier to get things done here, be it dealing with the public or the private sectors. You say you hate the taxi drivers in Singapore? Wait until you see those in KL!

I do believe there will be much good things ahead for me in Singapore, it did make the decision of moving out a little harder. What’s more, through out the years, I have also met up with so many good people who eventually became friends. If I would change my mind and chose to stay, it would be because of you (yes, you who are reading this!)

Feeling touched already? Don’t be, because I’m still moving out 🙂

Since young, my mum taught us — don’t just stay in one place, go and see as many places as we can in this life time. And that’s because she never got the opportunity to do that when she was younger. I know I have a great mom! So, having said the above, you can see that China is not the reason I’m moving out, instead, it is the continuity of my greater journey. There is a likelihood that, the next time you call me again, I could be in somewhere else, I could be in Toronto; I could be in San Francisco; I could be in Morocco (actually, I just wanted to make them rhyme.) Or, before you know it, I’m back to Singapore again 🙂

I will still be doing what I have been doing — making websites for living. I know some of you feel jealous already for I can do my work from anywhere. Don’t complain, you have medical benefits and I don’t 😉 But if we ever sit down for coffee or beer, remind me to tell you how this hobby-turned-career has changed my life and continue to change it to better, I can’t go on here as this is supposed to be a short farewell note for Christ’s sake!

Most importantly, I want to say this to all my clients, that I want you to be really assured, that I will still be taking care of your websites as I have been. I will still be as contactable as if I’m just sitting next to you; I will maintain my business presence in Singapore, including my bank accounts and my web server, even my phone number will still be the same. You can still call or SMS to 91125222 and it will be routed to my China number (no IDD charge on you, relax.) The only difference is I can’t meet you for coffee as conveniently as it has been, if you don’t mind waiting, I’ll still come back for holidays once in a while. Or alternatively, you can come on over to China and pay me a visit in Wuhan, there is a guest room in my new apartment 😉

To my partners and friends, you can still pass on my name cards to anyone who comes to you for recommendation for “best web designer in town” :P… but do make it a point to inform them that I am in China and if they are comfortable working with me remotely through emails and teleconferencing.

This should conclude my farewell note. I thank you for your patience in reading this till the end, I apologize for the length of the note as I did not have time to write a short one, and I hope you did not hate my humor. To all my friends, good bye, farewell, and God bless!


My Itinerary:
I’ll shift some of my personal belongings back to Malaysia between Sept 22nd and 24th, that also means I’d be out of Singapore then onwards. Then I will remain in Malaysia for a week or two which also means I might have limited access to the Internet. But of course I can still be reached on the phone, and there are gazillions of internet cafés and wireless hotspots in Malaysia which I can use. But if you think you might have anything urgent to sort out with me, you might want to let me know now.

Where am I going?
I’ll be living in Wuhan, which is at central east of China. The city has a population of approximately 9,100,000 people (more than twice of Singapore). You can learn more about Wuhan at Wikipedia.

How to contact me in future:
You can call/sms me on my mobile phone at 91125222, or
You can call my Pfingo number at 31135226 which will route your calls to my China number without IDD charges (you might want to check out and sign up for the service too, visit Pfingo.com for more information)

Moving out sale:
Last but not least, I’m trying to get rid of some of my stuff, please browse through the Move Out Sales section and see if there’s anything you might need.

20 Replies to “Farewell Note”

  1. Hi,

    this is my first time here =)
    unfortunately, see your farewell nots.. Any way I hope you can still update your blogs.. Happy Blogging ~


  2. Hi Dean,

    Sorry to miss having coffee with you. Anyway all the very best to your new grounds and May God Bless You and your partner in all your endeavours.
    Take care and do keep in touch.

  3. Hi Dean,
    Just want to say good luck for you. May God Bless you in your way you do. Hopefully in China will be more great for you.
    Still keep in touch….


  4. Hi Dean,

    Sorry that I can’t make it to the last Web design Meetup. We will all miss you eventhough it is just a short introduction to each other. Good luck to your new career endeavour! Until we meet again, have a safe journey. Hope to hear more on your new job 🙂

  5. Hey Felix, thanks for the well wishes. Just to clarify that I’m not getting a new job in China, I’ll still be running my web design business, except that I’ll be doing that from China 😉

    But do expect to see lots of stories on China in my blog!

  6. Yoh , Dean. Are we still having that frog’s porridge before take off ?
    Anyway , my wife and I are glad to have met someone like you…..and do keep in touch.
    China …watch out !!! Here comes Mr Dean Loh the great guy.

  7. Dean

    Before I know you well, you are leaving….. Though I know you not long, I find you very creative and humour. We definitely miss you…..

    Do take care and call us when you are back for holiday….

    Desmond Tan/BNI Rendezvous

  8. Dear Dean,

    Sure gonna miss you and your jokes (seriously speaking :p) You’ve been so busy that it’s almost impossible to sit you down. I’m certain that wherever you are, you would be a great joy!

    May the Lord’s favour be ever upon you and God Bless!

  9. Make sure you have a webcam so that you can show us your room and life in China, maybe stream your life in wuhan and we can really keep in touch, its just a download away hor. The world isn’t so big after all.

  10. Hi Dean,

    I think its fair to say that you would be a great role model for alot of people out there including me 🙂

    Wish you all the best in ur next adventure as you would like to call it.

    And i’ll always cherish the advice that you have handed out to me over the years.


  11. Hey Dean

    have a safe trip. do tell us about life there. all the very best to you… btw, i just checked… there’s no bni chapter there. maybe you can form 1… lol 🙂

  12. Dude, never really had the chance to sit down for a nice cuppa with you. When we meet, we always talk business. I feel really guilty. If I’m ever in Wuhan, I’ll definitely drop by. Bon voyage!

  13. Dear Dean

    Its sad to see a good friend leave but if its for good intentions, you have my blessings in good health and well wishes.

    Its been a short time getting to know you but its been a very experiencing journey you have lead and I thank you for sharing your life journey. I hope this journey will lead you to many successful ones after another .

    Your presence has made some people along the way happiness in terms of value, monetary etc…and I do hope you keep up the good work done.

    Have a safe and rewarding life in Wuhan, China and may you live a rewarding life there.

    God Bless you and your new Journey in Life in China.

    Take care in health…..


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