Move out sale: Uncommon Sense by Dr Mel Gill

Uncommon Sense by Dr Mel Gill

I bought this book out of impulse after listening to the author’s speech in one of those rah rah shows. Then I realized I couldn’t make much sense out of the book, maybe it’s because the book was written for people who have PhD (and I didn’t mean permanent head damage). Anyway, you can give it a shot, it did make me look good however every time I whipped it out and read in the MRT.

More information:
377 pages. Published in 2000.

I bought this for: S$35.95. Now I’m selling for: S$12.

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  1. Lol… I thought I should try ask for refund, but I gather I might have better luck selling it away at 1/3 of the original price. I’m sure I won’t be the only victim…

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