Move out sale: Ziglar On Selling by Zig Ziglar [SOLD]

Ziglar On Selling by Zig Ziglar

A great book by a great sales professional. After reading this, my sales increased by 400% (from previous month’s one sale to following month’s four sales… just kidding)

This book is not just for people who are in sales profession. In my opinion, people who hate selling all the more should read it. Whatever we do in life, in one way or another is a form of selling. From applying for a job to getting your colleague to watch a movie with you. Some may say “that’s persuasion”, but isn’t persuasion part of selling after all?

More information:
382 pages. Published in 2000.

I bought this for: S$9.90. Now I’m selling I sold it for: S$3.

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