I'm Back Note


Five weeks ago, I sent an email to people whom I know, told them that I was leaving for China for good. What happened was, I never left.

Sorry if this sounds like another joke, but I seriously did plan to leave. I’d sold most of my stuff, and have shipped some to China. I’d even gotten my China Visa! But I changed my mind in the last minute.

I realized in the end, that I could not afford to leave, yet.

And I don’t mean that I couldn’t afford the flight ticket (duh), but there is just too much for me to miss and to lose.

During the beginning of the year, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to do and to be; today, I still have the same vision, for that matter, it simply does not make sense for me to leave it behind and move away. So, before I become what I want to be, I’m not going anywhere.

Amazing enough, the moment I made up my mind that I am staying, immediately I see couple of new business coming in, sales inquiries flocking in like it was Singapore Grand Web Design Sale! Things were happening too rapidly I decided to hire my first employee, and got myself an office.

And, the more exciting news: I will be interviewed on the radio! On 93.8FM, this Thursday (Oct 18, 2007), during The Breakfast Club segment from 7.10am to 7.30am. They are going to ask me to talk about my freelance web design career, and to share tips on how to start a web design business. So if you happen to wake up early that day, feel free to tune in 🙂

Lastly, to all of you who thought you have missed the opportunity to meet me for coffee (when I was still planning to leave), we’ll now have all the time in the world for it.

Damn! It feels good to be staying!

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  1. I had to check my calendar to see if it was April… Anyway, China’s loss is Singapore’s gain. 🙂 If you can, please record the show. At 7 in the morning, I’m usually half awake brushing my teeth, so I probably can’t comprehen half of what you might be saying on radio.

  2. Congrats !!! …and how about those Frogs that we’re suppose to eat half a year ago ???
    Btw , normally I’ll still be in Disneyland in these wee hours but I’ll try to get up early tmmrow just for your inspirational special radio talkshow.
    Have fun !!!

  3. Great stuff! You’re going places bro . . . strangely enough, by not going as planned. Like I said when we met at IPP: I’d really like to be around to see the finished work at Dean Loh & Associates.

    Rock on and yam seng.

  4. Dear Dean

    Its good to have you back in Singapore and contributing to Spore society. Yippee!
    Congratulations on your Radio Fm. Sorry, I might not be able to catch your conversation in the FM on time. Do a voice clip or something for us to hear what u have said.

    God Bless you are “back” to stay for good or awhile, anyway also good. hee hee



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