Try Or Try Not, There's Just Do It.

Sometimes, I hate having to think of the title, so I’d just use whatever that came up my mind the moment the cursor landed in the title field. This time, I thought about Master Yoda’s famous quote “Do, or do not, there is no try!” To make it fun, I modified the sentences a little, the concept remains. See, it’s not that difficult to be creative.

I received a call from a lecturer in Ngee Ann Poly today, she heard my interview over the radio last week, so she went on and checked my website and got my contact number from there. She’d like to invite me to go over to give a talk to the students about web design, a down to earth kind of talk, i.e. nothing on technical mambo jumbo but more on practical aspects of web design. She told me that they do teach about web design in the school, but they only teach about what’s in the book; and she wants me to talk about those not in the book. In which I think I’m going to like the idea a lot, because I never read any book!

One thing you might not know about Cancerian, is they like to be center of attention, a lot. And I confess that I did. All my life, I have always wanted to be center of attention every where I go; but I’m not the type who would scream out loud or do some stupid things to get attention kind of attention seeker, rather, I’d chose to do things differently, if lucky enough, in the process, people would start noticing me. That kind of attention turns me on a lot.

Some times, I hate this characteristic of me, because the same characteristic tends to get the better of me especially when it comes to relationships. I would not tell her that I need some attention, I would do something differently and hoping she would notice it. Now, this part of me makes me feel like I’m sissy, because why? I thought only girls would behave like this. But then again, other than this, the rest of me is rather manly you know? So I should be alright, right? Damn it, I probably shouldn’t even write about this… And what is it I was supposed to write again?