I had to blog about this as note to self.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge in web design business with about two dozens of lecturers in Ngee Ann Poly. I have covered topics of “Building a useful (successful) website”, “E-Commerce & Security”, “Marketing aspect of website”.

Those who know me well, know that I had never been to college, and I have wished I had a college life. I feel accomplished when, the day I finally walked into a college, I was there to teach.

This is one hell of a milestone! Wait… correction: this is one heaven of milestone!

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  1. I had the Keynote (Mac version of Powerpoint) done up, but instead of uploading the presentation file, I have better to offer – I’m setting up a website and I will post the information there. Stay tuned 🙂

    And who’s this by the way?

  2. Thanks Deric. at the moment, my hourly rate is $120, I might adjust it down if time gets bad, but I’m not sure about making myself free… *tongue-in-cheek*

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