The Dog Has To Wait

How’s your new year? It’s another happening-less new year for me, yet again. When it was near midnight, I walked down to Joo Chiat Road, looked at people doing the countdown, chasing each other and spraying the spray-thing. Then I walked back in, made myself a cup of Milo, spread peanut butter on some breads, ate, watched some Youtubes, then slept. I can’t complain. Tina said it right, I “chose” to be lonely, so I shouldn’t complain.

Anyway, I was so close to getting a puppy. Vicki has a friend, whose bitch recently gave birth to some puppies, and she intends to sell them. The price she offered was good, so I was rather moved; but yet, I felt disturbed and couldn’t make up my mind.

After some soul searching and showering, suddenly I came to a realization — the reason why I couldn’t make up my mind is because I wasn’t ready. Not that I didn’t think I could afford both time and money; but I was just too lonely to own a dog at this point. On the contrary, the first reason I would give to own a dog is because I was lonely. But on further thought: I should instead go out and meet more people! By getting a puppy, I’d probably end up having a lot lesser time to go out, not at least during the first year of his life. Now wouldn’t it make my life worse? Yes, a dog is for life, but that doesn’t mean I’ll have to live the rest of my life with the fella.

The reason why I’m working so frigging hard, is so that I can finally start a family of my own, and create a bunch of “Little Deans“, I should focus on just that, the only thing I need to think about at this point. So, the dog has to wait!

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  1. Yo Dean,
    Get the dog! You will have to walk the dog man, more so a cute little puppy. You’re gonna attract all those gorgeous, beautiful ladies with or without dogs screaming “Oh SO CUTEEEEE!” during your daily walk with your puppy! Now, that’s a easier way to start meeting your future SOul Mate … and more so a bonus if you get yourself an animal lover. An animal lover will more likely know how to luv a cancerian like you … hee.hee.hee

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