My Best Purchases

I have made many wrong purchase decisions in the past, including my first car, the Dopod PDA Phone, the HP laptop, as well as the idea of becoming an insurance agent (and it still gives me the shivers whenever I thought about the time I couldn’t even make enough to pay rents as an insurance agent!)

But this time, I must say that I have finally made my best purchase decision in my 33 1/2 years of living: my Macbook!

Don’t bother to ask which Macbook I bought, it’s never about the hardware, but the fact that I have decided to switch to Mac. It is something I have always had in mind, way before Windows 95 was invented. Problem is, all those years I had the concern if I was going to get enough support for being a Mac user, including technical support, as well as the availability of softwares that I can use. Since I became web designer, I was also concerned if I used a Mac to build websites, will they work well in Internet Explorer since 80% of internet users are probably still using that joker browser.

When my newly purchased HP laptop went berserk for the 3rd time (that is running on Windows Vista), I decided to just screw it and went out to get the Macbook, that has by far the world’s best operation system — Mac OS X Leopard in it. All of a sudden, my computing world became so hopeful again, and I immediately started to wonder: how have I survived those years without a Mac?

3 Replies to “My Best Purchases”

  1. Glad you have made the switch! I love my mac, never looked back.

    How are you? Hope everything is okay…

  2. Is this the Issy I knew? From Setiawan? I’ve been looking for you ah! How are you? I’m still in one piece, and I missed you old friend! 😀

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