What About Web Design Rockstar?

As I was having dim sum supper with a friend the other night, a BMW 700 series zoomed by, she told me her insurance agent drives exactly the same car as that. She then went on and told me how reputable he is, how highly respected he is by his peers, as well as competitors, whenever people heard his name, people will not dare to touch his clients.

It then occurred to me: why isn’t or can’t there a web designer who shares such kind of glory? And I thought, if there isn’t anyone yet, how about I become one? I’ll become a web design rockstar. When people saw the websites built by me, they will not dare to think about touching it. It will be nice to be respected by my peers, as well as my competitors. I shall drive a nice car, maybe not 700 series, but an Audi R8 would be cool. Or a Volkswagen GLi. And whenever I drive my car by the dim sum shop, people will point at my car, and tell their friends that they know of a web designer who drives exactly a same car as that.