Web Designers, Where Art Thou?

I put up advertisements on Facebook, looking to hire someone who is good in HTML/CSS, who can help share my workload, so that I can have more time for sleep.

In two weeks, the banner showed up 171,487 times, in which, got 42 clickthroughs (i.e. the banner was clicked 42 times, possibly by 42 different individuals.) Out of the clicks, only 3 wrote in to ask about the job. That is like 7% of conversion rate. But I was not very happy with the result, I thought there should be more people who might be interested in the job, if the click throughs were so low, the only explanation is there are already too many web designers out there.

To find out the answer, I put up a poll in Facebook which would collect data from 100 users, with the question asking “Do you have a friend or relative who happens to be/claim to be a web designer?” To my expectation, more than half of the respondents claimed that they do have friend or relative who happens to be a web designer. Only thing I’m not sure is: is the web designer whom all these people know are the same person, or there are indeed so many web designers out there?Facebook Poll