Web Designer, Found!

I should update the status of my hiring.

Because I got so little responses from my ad in Facebook (see
Web Designers, Where Art Thou?) I turned to Monster.com.sg and JobsDB.com for help.
Within a week, I received like dozens of job applications, one of them happened to be my first customer for hosting service 3 years ago! To make it even more exciting, she seems to have the skills and attitude I want, so very quickly I called her for interview.

Prior to the interview, I emailed her three test questions for her to work on, and I told her to explain the solutions to me when I meet her. I didn’t care if she could find the right answer actually, I was more keen to find out if she would put in the effort to find answer (in case you didn’t know, this is how exactly I become who I am today.) And, to my biggest relief, she did put in the effort to learn about the issues, and got me not just one solution, but multiple solutions!

On the spot, I offered her the job.

This is the moment I want to thank God so very much for sending her to me. All I need to do next, is to make sure to offer her the best environment to work, and to grow her career.

June 12 Update: On the day after I offered the job to her, she came to check out my office where she was going to start working in, together with her father and sister. When I opened the door for them, the reaction on their face was: is this where she’s going to work in?! The father was complaining non-stop about the distance they had to travel to get here (they live in the west, and my office is in the east.) The sister couldn’t believe I could live in the same place where I work (home office, of course.) And of course, the girl who was supposed to work for me, seemed like she was going to listen to what her father had to say. So true enough, she wrote in the next day to turn down the job, despite my added offer to compensate her traveling expenses.

I was upset for sure. What I couldn’t make sense out of this, of the dozens of applications from people all over the continent, majority of them from India, Philippines, Myammar and Malaysia. Some of them would do whatever it takes to get the job, yet I offered the position to her without second thought, and what I got in return was the complaint on the distance she has to travel to work, from central-west of Singapore to central-east of Singapore (22.9km to be exact.) As much as I hate to blog about this, I have to say, you Singaporeans are way too pampered.

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  1. Hey Dean,

    Just decided for some reason to view your blog and see if there were any updates and there is!

    I wonder if I’ll get the job you’re offering if I weren’t going to uni. =)

    I think many Singaporeans are influenced in a way by their parents and not by their own opinion. Which is kinda sad, but oh well, we live in an Asian society. Not many people dare to not listen to their parents.

    Hope you’ve found someone much better! =)

  2. Jas, I would have offered you the job right away and I wouldn’t have put up three ads.

    Nevertheless, do well in your study, when you finish school, I hope I can bring you in as CTO, or CIO, or whatever O you like 😀

  3. Hi, are you still looking for web-designers?
    Is it full time or part-time/freelance?

    (Asking in case a friend i know is interested/suitable). Who knows it might be a perfect match, or not.

    Pls email me instead if it’s convinient.

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