The Joyous Day of My Life

One of my client-to-be, a husband and wife team who tried to start a business in Singapore, was turned down by registrar of companies initially for they being foreigners. So they went ahead and applied for permanent residents status. Two days ago they received the approval letter, jumping joy the wife wrote and told me the good news.

So I wrote back to congratulate them, and all of a sudden it reminded me of the day I received my PR approval, it was in October of 2001, at that joyous moment of my life, the person whom I cared a lot happened to be there standing next to me; which made a perfect double-happiness!

The kind of joy I had, was the kind of joy I would feel like crying. The kind of joy when I could not stop giving myself a pat on my back. The kind of joy I wished I could dash out to the street and yell out to the world: “I have made it!!!” The kind of joy I will remember even years later.

The kind of joy I miss so much. The kind of joy I have never had since then. The kind of joy, I wonder if I will have again, ever…

And I miss being happy.