If Life Can Be So Predictable…

… I would be so rich.

Seriously, if I knew I would enjoy so much doing what I’m doing now, at the same time paying my bills with it, I would have just started doing it a long time ago. Instead of going through all the wrong turns, trying at the wrong places, getting stuck with the wrong people, suffering the unwanted ordeal, and shit like that.

But then again, that’s just an idealistic thought. We all knew, we can’t have our life just the way we wanted it. I mean, we could have had it that way, but thanks to that stupid couple who ruined it all from the beginning of time, we now have to go through life the harder way; it could have been harder if not for the work done by the great Man 2000 years ago. Then again, that’s another story altogether, let’s focus on just my life today.

Frankly, even if I could choose what I wanted to do back then, I might not have chosen what I’m doing today, because why: at that time, world wide web wasn’t invented (back in 1993). And much less I would have thought that I could be my own boss — I mean, everybody dreams about being their own boss at one time or another in their life, but how many had actually gone ahead and do it?

So, the wrong turns happened for good reasons. By going through those shits, I became a stronger and better person today. Come to think of it, I would be happier if those shits made me a better looking person too *grins*. Anyway, that’s besides the points.

Now that I have found my path; by the way, if you think I’m saying this just because I have attended some Anthony Robbins’ kind of motivational talk; like, after 3 days, I have suddenly become so powerful and able to see the world in a different light — sorry hor? I’m not! What I’m saying today, is based on three years of waking up in the morning to realize the freedom and wisdom I was blessed to do what I can do best in my life, and I can’t thank God much more for the love He has for me and the second chance He has given to me to start all over again. Therefore, no, I do not have and do not need a coach who can “awake the giant in me”, for I already have the Coach, Who will be the giant of my life.

So, having found my path, all I need to do next is just keep doing it, and make it better. I have been on my own for three years now. For a freelance web designer, being able to survive three years is a milestone. The first three years had been exciting, the next three years is going to be phenomenal. In the past 6 months, I have taken two steps to move closer to a better tomorrow — I’ve moved into a bigger and more comfortable working environment, and I’ll have a full time staff joining me soon (found a better guy in Philippines). With an extra pair of hands, I will be able to get a lot more work done, faster and more efficiently.

I have also switched my Facebook status to “Looking For A Relationship”. It’s not like I haven’t been looking prior to this, but I thought I would feel like a loser to tell the world: “Hey I’m lonely! I need a girlfriend!” What’s more, previously at the back of mind, I had been telling myself: I’d better wait first till I get my own house; and if I have extra cash — get my own car too; and if I have even more extra cash — get a couple of dogs; before I would think about finding my life partner.

But this morning, as I took my shower (I always got new ideas when I took shower,) it sort of struck me: I’d better start looking now. So that by the time I have all those things, I would have had enough of time to get to know and decide the right partner for me. Since I estimate I should pretty much reach my next milestone in about 2 years time, I suppose 2 years is good enough for me to choose the right partner. And it might be a little late for me to start looking only 2 years later.

So, I’m thinking big. And here’s a message to the ladies out there: As of today, I am nobody (besides being number one freelance web designer on Google). But if you dare to take some risks in life, give me 2 years of your time, and I will show you what kind of good catch I can be.

Now, thank you for reading my shameless self-promotion 🙂

4 Replies to “If Life Can Be So Predictable…”

  1. The place I’m living in, which I wish to buy, cost at least 1.5 million, even on maximum finance, I will still need about 150k for down payment. If I say I can make that much in less than 2 years, I’m definitely bluffing.

  2. hmm…so for an investm of a girl’s youth for 2 yrs, she gets a return of ur 5Cs…not a bad deal leh…high risk, high return…so how’s the response so far? 😛

  3. Lol… you think this is job application meh… come to think of it, my job ads actually received a lot better responses than this, I guess I am more attractive as an employer than as a man. Maybe I can try hire a secretary…

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