When we wanted something really badly, we would start to pray for it and hope that it will be given to us. Sometimes, if not more than often, we did not get what we prayed for, we started to blame God for not hearing our prayers. I used to do that a lot.

If you remember Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty — I was like him. When things did not turn out right, I blamed God. When luck wasn’t on my side, I blamed God. When I didn’t get what I wanted, I blamed God. When I had nothing to blame, I blamed God. When I felt like blaming something, again, I blamed God.

Sometimes, when we got a little lucky, or when we managed to achieve something, we would think about how good we were; and when things weren’t going good, we blamed it on something, and more than often, we blamed God, even more often, we wondered if God exists. But have we ever asked ourselves first, how often had we thanked God for what had been given to us? Would you even believe that no matter how you think you had nothing to thank for, you still do have something to thank for? And for that matter, have you thanked Him for it? If you haven’t been thanking God for what you have today, including the fact that you are alive and you have internet connection so that you could read this, stop blaming God for what you didn’t get either.

When we did not get what we had prayed for, it may be God’s way of telling us that it’s not what we should get. In other words, if you would choose to pray to Him for what you wished to have, you should be prepared for a “No” for answer. And trust that the “No” is not God’s way of turning you down, rather, a “Yes” on something better for you. Sounds like a cliche? Here’s the challenge: if you have so much guts to blame God for what you did not get, how about having the guts in putting in some faith and wait for something better to come your way? Let’s put it this way, even till the day you die, you still do not receive what you had prayed for, you will not have much to regret about, because you’d be dead by then anyway. So, really, what do you have to lose?!

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  1. hey, when u die, u’ll get to meet God n ask Him why He never answer ur prayers…hahaa, then when He explain everything to u, maybe u’ll understand that He gave u the best…n u can finally rest in peace :p

  2. Yes, I blame God alot too. But, sometime I even more afraid to pray and ask for it cos I knw what I want is not what He feel the best for me, but I simply just want to have it even I know it’s not the best for me. Why i behaving the way I behave? Am I insane…

  3. Jane, you are not insane. Actually, I’m not even sure if I’m qualified to offer you any advice. But speaking from my own revelation, if God is a very cincai God, whatever we ask for also He will give, what kind of world do you think this will become? I have to say it will be damn scary. Imagine one day you are walking on the street, a Bangladeshe who is riding a bicycle and almost run into you, you get so angry and you yell out loud “you son of a bitch!” and what do you know, the next moment our friend turns into a dog! Do you think that is what you might want?

    Ok, that was one lighter way to explain it, now on the serious side, our God is a generous God. But being generous doesn’t mean He will give just anything. Think about our parents, they are so generous to make sure there is roof over our head and meals on our table, but try asking them if it’s ok for us to smoke pot? So, being giving, and giving just anything, are two different things. Instead of questioning Him why were you not granted what you wanted, ask instead: what makes you think you deserve it?

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