I Wait. Therefore iPhone.

I picked the white iPhone 3G because I want it to match my Macbook.

I finally got the iPhone 3G last Sunday (Aug 24).

I remember more than a year ago, when Apple told the world that they were going to come up with the revolutional iPhone, I told everyone I already have my name on it. Then I patiently waited for it to come to Singapore. Then I saw more and more people going for the hacked version of the iPhone as they didn’t think it was coming to Singapore any sooner. I continued to wait. Then Apple announced to the world that they were coming up with the better iPhone 3G. I continued to wait as they said it would arrive in Singapore “later this year”. Came Aug 22, it finally arrived!

I’m excited not because I finally got the iPhone 3G. I’m excited because I had actually waited for it patiently for 18 months. And I didn’t take the shortcut by getting the hacked version as I refused to. So I said I was going to have my name on the iPhone, and today I have it on my desk.

Now, I say I’m going to have my name on the Audi.

3 Replies to “I Wait. Therefore iPhone.”

  1. Ahhhhhh. Look at that little adorable baby! I am still waiting for it to come to Malaysia. Like you, I don’t want to get the hacked version.

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