A visit to neighborhood police post

I’m just in the mood for blogging.

I dropped by the neighborhood police post in Bukit Batok to update the address on my ID (yea I moved to Bukit Batok).

While the officer was processing my request, an uncle walked in to report his bicycle got stolen. The officer asked how did it happen. That uncle said he left his bicycle in front of his mother’s house, unlock, while picking up dinner, for “just” half an hour.

Then the officer asked if he has any receipt. Uncle said no, he bought the bike long time already. Then the officer asked if he can describe the model of the bike. Uncle gave him a blank look. Then the officer asked him to wait as he was halfway attending my request.

Then a young lady walked in to report her stolen backpack, that has a laptop, and two books that were borrowed from the library. Obviously a standard response, the officer asked how did it happen. The lady said she left it on the table in McDonald’s, then walked to the counter to order her dinner. When she came back later, the bag was gone. Again, the officer ask if she has the receipt. She said: should be. The officer told her to wait her turn.

Then my ID is fixed, and I managed to walk out from the police post without bursting into hysterical laugher.

What an interesting encounter of inDUHviduals.

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