#fail – Pizza Hut Online Ordering System

It’s a wet morning, we were too lazy to go out to get food, and the kids in our house have finished the entire inventory of instant noodles. So we decided to order in from Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut has a nice website at www.pizzahut.com.sg, but I would not say the same for the online ordering system. I don’t understand why they had decided to build it in Flash, the usability is certainly thrown out of window. I couldn’t use arrow key to scroll down the menu, which happened to be contained in a small frame that allows me to view only one row of items at a time.

To scroll down the menu, you have to use the mouse, arrow keys or tab don't work here.

Again, because of the less-than-useful scroll bar, the selection menu in the following screen became a challenge to use.

The pizza selection menu looks like being cut off halfway, to see items below, you need to use your mouse to scroll down the page, then click on the selection menu again.

Finally on the order summary page, it appears there is no way for you to go back to previous screen to choose a different pizza; your only choice is to first remove what you have already added to cart, then go back to the first screen again, select the package, then choose your pizzas.

Change your mind? Tough luck! Go start all over again.

Nevertheless, despite the less-than-useful online ordering system, the pizzas we ordered came in 20 minutes earlier than the estimated time, and the pizzas still tasted as good as ever.

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  1. i order acoupon deal for $13.90 and got screw from them.they charge me $8.80 for a personal pizza and $10.20 for the pasta and the tortilla chips $3.50 when they were $2.50.i guess cause i am from united states you think you can do this to me.i have order over twenty dinners from them and now i will be here another month and will order  nothing

  2. In order to compete with such stiff online competition in pizza industry, you need to give an online ordering experience which is simple and professional. Your client should be able select and order what they need without any hassle.

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