I iPod, I iPhone, therefore I iPad?

There is no information on when will iPad be launched in Singapore. I sort of read from a source saying it may be as early as mid May, 2010. That simply means — not a long wait.

I have mixed feelings about getting one, mainly because I think it’s merely an oversized iPod. But if it makes a good e-book reader as advertised, that may give me a good reason to look forward to own one. At present I have close to two dozens of web design/development reference books, which I have no time to read. And when I do manage to read them, I hate it that I couldn’t “search” or “bookmark” important/useful information for later use. Where as with the iPad, instead of buying physical books, I can start buying e-books and carry them where ever I go. How fabulous is that?

To give myself more reason, I’m going to start adding them here as and when I come across one. For today, apart from reason #1 – E-book Reader, here’s another one – iMockups

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