2 is Indeed Better Than One

When I watched Iron Man in 2008, I told myself that was by far the best superhero show I had ever watched. Today, that thought is no longer valid, I have decided that Iron Man 2 (spoiler alert) is even better!

Almost everything in the movie has surpassed my expectation, the new suit, the new villain, Tony Stark, the sizzling hot Scarlett Johansson, the battle scene, all but the part when it introduces War Machine. I personally think it could have been done in a much better way, e.g. a way that surprises the audience. I was a little disappointed also to see Don Cheadle been put in place of Terrence Howard, not like I favor Howard more, but I thought Don Cheadle looks better chasing bad guys in tailored suit than the Mark II.

Anyway, if you could only watch one movie this month, Iron Man 2 has to be it!