Teach Your Kids To Tie Their Own Shoelace

Do you have a maid(s) at home? If you do, you owe it to your kids, to tell educate them that the purpose of the maid is there to help out with the housework, to do what you CANT AFFORD to do, not what you DON’T WANT, or TOO LAZY to do.

The maid cooks for you because you have to work, that’s fair. But asking the maid to feed your child because you are too busy gobbling down your food? Or asking the maid to walk your dog because you are too busy watching soccer match? That’s a bit not right!

It gets worse when your kids picked up the trick, and start to order let your maid do every little thing for them. And you wonder how is it a problem? Here’s one: I will not disagree if you envision your kids to become boss of their own, or they get straight to the top of the corporate hierarchy when they start to work. But, to be realistic, we probably should assume they will have to start from somewhere, anywhere but the top.

Getting them used to ordering someone around at home, from such young age, you are giving them the misperception that “there is always someone whom they can order around”. In the event they land on a job that does not give them such privilege, what do you think they will do? Come home and abuse the maid?

This is when I have to borrow the quote from Ip Man 2, as said by the man himself: 人的地位,虽然有高低之分;但是人格,不应该有贵贱之别. If you want your kids to grow up as better persons, teach them how to respect one another, teach them how to respect their domestic helper, teach them to tie their own shoelace!