Profitable Group Alert

Just not long ago I received a call from this company, introducing me the golden opportunity to invest in the plots of land they own in UK, that is situated near Heathrow Airport. The caucasian over the phone told me that I can expect profitable returns should the land be eventually used for development of housing and leisure.

While the proposition sounds promising, as an inexperienced investor, I thought I should get to know more about the trade before making the decision. It is after all quite a big ticket item. When I told Monica about it, she didn’t seem receptive to the idea at all.

Low and behold, as I read Today today, I saw this report on the very same company that it has been put on MAS’ Investor Alert List. Google for “profitable group mas” and you will find much not-so-positive information on the company.

They say “behind every successful man there is a woman”, I thought they should also add this in: “behind every man who manages his money wisely, there is a wife.”

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