My DIY Lego iPad Stand with Adjustable Tilt Angle

With the addition of iPad, there is one more iDevice on my desk. I can’t increase my desk space, so I had to look for alternative use the space. I thought the best solution is to get a stand for the iPad, problem was, as an early adopter of iPad in Singapore, most accessories were not made available here yet. Ordering from overseas will not cut it as I would have to pay high shipping fee. With that, I started to explore the option of making my own.

This was how my desk look with iDevices lying around.

Quick research led me to couple of web pages showcasing DIY iPad stands. The more impressive ones were those made with Lego. That reminded me of my Lego Fork Lift that was sitting on the shelve collecting dust. I figure I could finally put that into better use!

My Lego Fork Lift, in it original form

Initially I wanted to make something really simple and minimalist, however, being inspired by the fork lift, I thought I could make something with adjustable tilt angle. Also, making room for the sync cable was also one of the criteria. Most importantly, it should hold my iPad even with the case on.

So, four hours later…

Front view
Side view
Rear view
Sync cable holder (at rear)
Lever for adjusting tilt angle
Steeper Tilt Angle
Gradual Tilt Angle
Anti-scratch back support
Bigger rear for better support, also doubled as USB hub holder.
Sync cable connector concealed under the decorative gear.
This is how my desk look now, with my iDevices resting on DIY Lego stands.

This thing is too complicated for me to come up with a step-by-step construction guide, heck I’m not even sure if I’m able to replicate another one. If you are looking for something similar but you do not have too many Lego bricks to spare, you may check out some minimalist solutions below:


July 5: added holder for Pogo Sketch

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