SingTel Huawei E180 on Snow Leopard 10.6.4

Huawei E180

I have always dreaded calling SingTel’s technical support. They would always put me on hold for forever, then after that, came back with less than helpful suggestion.

Since about a month ago, I had not been able to connect to SingTel’s Broadband on Mobile using the Huawei E180 USB modem. Since I was going away for the month-long vacation, I didn’t spend much time persuing the matter. Now that I’m back, I’ve decided to call up SingTel to seek help.

After explaining my problem briefly, the customer support officer seemed to know what had gone wrong, he told me he was going to “reset” my connection, and I should be able to connect again after 5-10 minutes. Although I did not understand what he meant by resetting my connection, it did sound like a promising solution.

So I patiently waited 10 minutes before I plugged in the USB modem and tried to connect again. Same error message showed up, saying the device failed to establish connection.

After several tries I decided to call SingTel again. Another customer support officer picked up the call, so I explained the problem again. Once again, she seemed to know the solution right away, which was to reset my connection. But this time I did not let her get away with it. I told her the previous customer support officer had already done the same thing and it didn’t seem to solve my problem. Immediately she asked if she could put me on hold so that she could consult to whoever for next possible solution.

What annoyed me was, both the customer support officers did not seem to see the need to at least find out what operating system my computer is running on, what model of USB modem I’m using, and what error message did I get. When she came back on the line again, she told me she had reported the issue to some “network engineers” and they will look into the broadband connection in my area. That was when I got really ticked off — she didn’t even know where I was. Then she immediately asked for my house address. I told her the problem I faced did not just happen at home, I couldn’t get connected in Bukit Batok central also. “Ok, I’ll get the engineer to look at the connection in Bukit Batok area and get back to you personally as soon as I hear from them.”

Well done, I suppose the engineer was going to come by Bukit Batok and look at the sky to see if there are enough broadband signals hanging around!

I hung up the phone as a very unsatisfied customer. I decided to look up the internet for help. Then I remembered I had similar connection issue when I upgraded to Snow Leopard. In my visit to Huawei support center, the guy solved the problem by installing a different modem driver. And my recent update of Snow Leopard to 10.6.4 might just be the reason why the modem stopped working again.

So I looked up for the driver installer in my backup disk and thank God I do have a copy of it! The file name is “MobileConnectDriver(”, based on that I gathered my driver version is 4.15. Next I googled for “MobileConnectDriver” which led me to Huawei’s software for Mac OS X 10.6 download page, in which, from there I found out the latest driver’s version is 4.16. There was no mention of latest Snow Leopard update whatsoever, but I thought it doesn’t hurt to update the driver anyway. So I downloaded the latest driver, removed my previous one, and installed the 4.16. And guess what? The modem worked right away!

Was the problem really due to my Snow Leopard update, I can’t be sure, both SingTel and Huawei have failed to offer slightest useful information. But if you are like me having similar problem, you might just want to try updating your modem driver. Do let me know if it helps.

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  1. i had exactly the same problem. After few times of directing me to different so call technical support persons, one even direct me to one of the SingTel webpage to download a Huawei device software for Window. Told them it won't work cause its stated for Window but she can even tell me that its compatible and will work. Sure enough it didn't. What kind of technical support service is that? Do they know what are they talking about here??Thanks for your tips on Huawei update site. Now it works. At least in launching the Broadband on Mobile but need to do the setup all over again.

  2. Mine was worse. The idiot at Epi Center claims my MBP was corrupted that’s why the connection failed. What RUBBISH! I followed your steps exactly and it works like a charm!!! Thank you Dean. 🙂

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