It was raining in the morning, so I thought I should walk Monica to the MRT station, and I could get myself a nice coffee on my way back.

Right after we crossed the road, I spotted a dead cat behind the bus stop. The dead cat was so dead with its guts exposed in the open. Forget the details, but I was too slow to stop Monica from looking hence she saw. She got rather disturbed, and we both started to think how it might affect others too, since that spot was rather trafficked, many people walk pass that spot, old and young.

After seeing Monica off at the MRT station, I got back home to check the web for information on how to deal with roadkill, surprisingly (or not-surprisingly, rather) there wasn’t any helpful information that I could find.

So I ended up calling the “Animal welfare/cruelty to animals” number found in AVA website and spoke to the helpful gentleman — Mr Tan. According to him, I should contact NEA instead, but he offered to help forward the case for me. After taking down some details, such as location where the carcass was spotted, he told me he would contact NEA to get someone to attend to it.

I went back to the dead cat with some old newspapers to cover it. And I decided to sit around and wait, just to see if NEA would actually come, how long it would take, and how would they handle it. Since I had my iPad with me, it wasn’t difficult to kill some time while waiting.

Throughout the entire period I was wondering if NEA would send someone in chemical suit (you know, those chemical threat response unit we often saw on CSI show), or it would just be a Bangladeshi in the garbage truck.

Throughout the wait, I was also looking at the Subway poster next to the bus stop, advertising the Chili Crab Sandwich. I began to wonder also which one was more tormenting: the wait for NEA, or looking at the tantalizing Chili Crab Sandwich on the poster.

After one hour, I decide to stop waiting, but I thought I should call NEA directly to report the case again. According to the nice lady who picked up the phone, they did receive the same case from AVA not long ago. I was immediately assured that someone did his work. And the lady promised to escalate the request and mark it urgent.

I did not continue waiting. But when I walked pass the bus stop again about an hour later, the carcass had been removed. Although I did not manage to see if they came in chemical suit or garbage truck, but I was very happy to see things DO get done here in Singapore!

Here are some helpful information:

AVA phone directory

NEA hotline
1800-2255 632

Side note: I left the scene after calling NEA, and yes you have guessed it right, I was heading towards Subway. But only to find out later, the Chili Crab Sandwich was no longer sold (it was made available during NDP weekend only!)