My new year resolution for 2011

Yes, I’m finally making a new year resolution. It’s not like I have never done this before, but to make it official, no. The success gurus will tell you only by making it official, you have greater chance of actually achieving it! So here I am making it official. Because I mean to achieve it!

First and foremost: Get back in shape.
Shame on me, this was supposed to be in my 2008 resolution (I had actually drafted the blog post titled “Dean Loh 2.0 In The Making” but never published it.)

Considering now that I have a baby boy, this is no longer an optional item but a must! I have about a year (or less) time to rebuild my stamina, so that when Jude starts to run around the shopping mall, I will be able to keep up with him.

Repositioning my brand. I started, and have been stuck as “freelance web designer” since 2006. I’m not complaining, but I have to agree to the setback: being recognized as “freelance web designer” somehow makes me look more like a “will build website for pizza”. After all, this is what most people in this region (particularly SINGAPOREANS) consider “freelance” as.

By repositioning my brand, I mean to move myself out of the “freelance camp”, not saying I will no longer be a freelance, rather, to dissociate it from the negative connotations such as “cheap”, “low quality work”, “unreliable”, etc.

Above all, continue to be a loving husband and father. And that’s about all!