True expert in pizza delivery

I decided to eat pizza for lunch today. I knew there is a Domino Pizza near where I live, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to try them out. It turned out to be my best experience ever for ordering food online!

I was already quite intrigued as soon as I have landed on Domino Pizza’s homepage. Maybe the color scheme, maybe the photography, but I knew I was definitely making it my only choice of pizza delivery from now on!

As this was the first time I ordered from Domino Pizza, I had to first create an account, there was only a short form to fill up and I was ready to place order right away.

Browsing through the menu was a breeze! No long stories, only nice photos and concise description. Best of all, FAST LOADING TIME! (Unlike the online ordering system of Pizza Hut which is STILL difficult to use!)

Looking at menu like this makes me want to eat then all!

What brought home the trophy however, was the Great Pizza Service Tracker that came right up on screen upon completion of my order. It actually let me see where my pizza was, from the moment it was being prepared, baked, boxed and went on to the delivery bike! True, amazing, real time status update!

I’m just glad they didn’t decide to use Twitter for the updates!


As promised, my pizza arrived within 30 minutes! My burp still smells pizza as I’m blogging this!

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