Weekend purchase

At first it was just a “slightly unusual lunch outing” at Turf Club Road. Reason why I said “unusual” was because we brought Milo along to this dog café that serves human foods (to human of course) too.

But what is even unusual was where we went after lunch.

We decided to stop by Turf City to visit the used car shops over there. Main intention was to find out how much our Hyundai Verna would worth if we decided to sell it.

We drove pass likely more than a dozen of shops, but we got attracted by this particular salesman, whom must have an aura around him, who actually got us to pull over to listen to what he has to offer.

We thought, since we were already there, we might as well make it worthwhile. So we asked if he has any MPV “in stock”.

He first showed us the 5-year-old Honda Airwave. We didn’t like it, not only it isn’t exactly an MPV, we could almost smell the smoker driver was still puffing inside the car.

Then he showed us the real MPV – Toyata Wish. That seem decent enough, but it was sold just a day before, not to mention the earthquake I felt the moment I sat inside the car with the engine running (ok I exaggerated, but you get my drift.)

Finally Monica asked if he had any Honda Stream around. He said he didn’t, but his neighbor had one, and we could feel free to check it out.

This “feel free” turned out to be a lethal decision, and I was mostly responsible for it. The moment I sat in the car, I was sucked sold. The salesman was obviously trained to read buyer’s mind, he offered a test drive.

Up till this point, I don’t really need to tell you what happened next.

What was supposedly a window shopping, ended up we bought a Honda Stream.

(More photos on my Facebook.)


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