When the going gets tough, run!

Since a month ago, I decided to start running again.

The way I put it sounded like I used to run, truth is, I was hardly a runner. I swam a lot. But running? It was never my favorite sort.

Why did I start running? Because I had no time for swim.

How did I make time for running when I had no time for swim? Because I needed to pick Jude from the childcare center anyway. Taking bus would take about as much time as it would for me to run there. Win-win!

For a person who hardly ran in his life, trying to get started was not easy.  Funny thing is, I was more motivated this time, and you know what motivates me? I need to get better in running, so that I can chase bus better!

I should also mention, we sold our car. That’s why I had to start taking buses. Call it a blessing in disguise, else the idea of running would not have crossed my mind.

Things haven’t been going too well for me lately; luckily only workwise. But it’s bad enough to slowly affecting other aspects of me. Running gave me the opportunity to put aside all the negative thoughts and let me focus only at one thing: finish the journey.

Through running, I was reminded once again, that once I had a target in sight, I would reach for the target. Regardless how tough the journey was, I always knew one thing for sure, when I eventually finished it, the victorious feeling was indescribable, and it was all worth it.

It was through running, I felt like a winner again.

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