It's in our blood

My grandfather died before I was born, so I don’t know much about him. But I do know about the story of how he got slapped left-right-center, all because he didn’t manage to salute the Japanese officer soon enough when he bumped into him at the street. That was during Japanese occupancy period. Time must be really hard for him, but he made it through and beyond anyway. He never gave up.

My father was a primary school teacher. Due to life circumstances he was made to teach at the school 30km from where we lived. He didn’t have a car, so every morning he had to leave home by 5am, took two buses, traveled two hours to the school. He did that for a good decade until he finally retired. He never gave up.

The year I graduated from secondary school was the year my father retired. He had prepared to give me all his penchant fund for my further study. But I chose not to take it. So I stopped at O Level.

I know full well I will never be able to count on my academic background. So I had to be the person who creates the job for myself. There are a lot of setbacks I have to deal with. A lot of challenges I have to overcome. A lot of odds I have to fight against.

But when I lie in my dying bed many years later, I want to be able to tell both my sons: like my father, and my father’s father, l never gave up too. Because not giving up, is in our blood!

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