Dry. No soup.

There is a Yong Toufu stall in one of the coffeeshops in my neighbourhood that also sells Chee Cheong Fun with curry sauce.

I usually picked couple of Yong Toufu, ordered it dry, together with Chee Cheong Fun with curry sauce poured over.


I must have had my Yong Toufu with Chee Cheong Fun like this for over a dozen times. However, the same guy who man the stall, whom I have ordered my Yong Toufu, dry, with Chee Cheong Fun and curry sauce poured over, has never failed to ask me everytime, if I wanted soup in my Yong Toufu. Everytime I told him no.

Eventually I found out he is only an employee. He doesn’t own the stall. That’s probably why he doesn’t own what he does too.

This reminds me of the hairdresser who cut my hair when I used to live in Joo Chiat. I patronized him every 3-4 weeks for at least over a year. Everytime he saw me, he greeted me in different languages:  Cantonese, Mandarin, English. Everytime it felt like it was his first time cutting my hair. I stopped letting him cut my hair when he started to talk to me about his financial problem. He doesn’t own the salon. He doesn’t own his work. Heck! He probably doesn’t even own his life.

Back to my current neighbourhood, there is McDonald’s + McCafe. On days I felt like having coffee, if the lady happened to be at the counter, she would know what I wanted. While she was making my coffee, she would ask how were my kids and my wife. She doesn’t own the McDonald’s. But I have the feeling one day she just might!

That is called taking ownership of one’s job.

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