The night before dawn

While standing in line at the ATM queue, my mind kept playing back what my wife has said to me over the phone: “Today is 立春, mommy asked me to remind you to deposit some money to your bank account. For good luck. $50 also can, ok?”

Problem was, I didn’t have much cash in my wallet. Though, I had $77.29 in my savings account. But it won’t make sense for me to withdraw the money then put it back.

Then I remembered a customer has made payment to my personal account couple of days back, for domain name renewal. Just nice I could use the opportunity to transfer the fund from my personal account to company account.

So I transferred deposited $15.99 to my company account that day. Quietly I whispered to myself: “Huat ah…”

Yes. It was that bad. I’m no stranger to the bottom of the pit. I have found myself stuck in much predicaments. But never before had I gone through such low tide the last few months.

I got so broke, I had no money to bring my family back to see my mom during this year’s Chinese New Year. My mom was tremendously understanding. And of course, my father-in-law’s sudden demise did make it easier for me to explain to friends and relatives, why didn’t we go home this year.

Then, three days ago, this message came to my inbox: “Hi Dean, Happy Lunar New Year! Thank you for the quotation. I guess, we can continue with that one…” — from the gentleman whom has just confirmed the biggest project I have ever closed so far.

Looks like what I did on 立春 really worked! Or was it because I didn’t wash my hair on day 1 of CNY?

Or, maybe because, I didn’t give up. That’s right, I did not give up!