The journey ahead

So I finally gathered enough courage to see the geomancy numerology master the other day. My religion is against such practice. So I’m taking it more as a science + statistics analysis. It’s 5,000 years of wisdom, should be interesting.

I had prepared to ask only one question: Am I heading towards the right direction. The answer that she gave me, isn’t what I had hoped to hear  (with little surprise, actually.)

In gist, though I’m good at what I do, she said, I will have to continue to struggle. Because that’s what I was destined to be. And, if this doesn’t sound bad enough already, I have just entered a new phase of tough years. A tough. 10 years. Ahead.

My choices were to continue doing what I’m doing, and continue to face the challenges. Or, I might have better chances of surviving the tough journey ahead if I just go work for others.

This set me on serious thinking mode.

Am I able to give up all that I have put together all these years with sweat and tears, with so much of heartbreaks and sleepless nights, and just go back to work for someone?

In fact, as I’m typing this, it suddenly dawned on me: I have been working for others all these years anyway! Who were they? My clients!

Each and everyone of them who paid me to build their website, were my bosses! In fact, I have had a pretty good ride, all the way until I started to think about “expanding”, that’s when things started to go south for me.

Yes. I’m still good at what I do. I should continue to work for my bosses. The only thing I need to give up, is stop thinking of becoming a boss. Which, I’m actually fine with it.

So, to all you (and you know who you are) who believed in me, thank you. You can continue to believe in me!