Bald statement

I finally made the bald statement!*

*Translation: I participated in this year’s Hair for Hope by Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) and had my hair shaved!

It was supposedly my last year’s agenda. But I blur sotong never registered in advance, until that day only realised walk-in would take slightly longer than forever. So I told myself, “Must do it in 2015.” And, I did!

My affinity with CCF goes way back in 2001 during my early days in Singapore. Being new in town, my social circle consisted only the cow-workers. I needed to find something meaningful to do after working hours, so I signed up as volunteer at CCF and was assigned to befriend a P1 kid who was recovering from leukaemia. Since then I started to visit the boy every week and hung out with him. A chirpy Malay boy, whose father was funny, and mother who made super-yummy Rendang!! I had eventually switched my job and started to get busy, then I had to end the assignment and lost touch with the family. If only there was Facebook then…

This is why, I had always wanted to do something for CCF again, though it’s a shame that I took so long… but hey! I did it at last!

The last time I saw myself with really short hair was in my Primary school days, since then, my hair had been… longer than short. So I was half excited, half nervous to see myself with little hair again. I thought to myself: If it turns out the short hair doesn’t work too well for me, I can comfort myself that it was all in the name of charity.

So, about the outcome. Turns out I was actually quite happy with the result! In fact, I wanted it to be even shorter, short as in, totally bald. Skinhead bald! Hmm… imagine that look, coupled with my Doc Mart! But, I scraped that thought very quickly as I started to imagine the itch it may cause. Or will it not?

Funny thing is, now on, each time I looked into the mirror I thought I look like one of the recruits in Ah Boys to Men. It also suddenly dawned on me, why soldiers had to shave their hair — When everyone became look-alike, imagine the confusing look on enemy’s face…

Pardon me for using this picture, Tom Hanks was definitely not the bad guy, but you get the idea.