Outlook of life 2.0

Ever since the encounter with the numerology master, my outlook of life has changed.

I used to questioned why there have to be difficult people in my life. People who give me hard times or heartaches. People who, come back for payback.

Well, to my revelation, these people might just be here for payback! And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. As the saying goes, “Owe money, pay money”. What I owe, I’m happy to pay back. Because of this belief, I started to feel a lot better.

Don’t get upset with people who don’t offer help. It might just because they were not in your debt;
Even if they were in your debt, don’t get too caught up with it. Let them have it for a while more. The payback will come anyway, sooner or later.

Don’t get put off by people who keep coming to you for help. It might just because you were in their debt;
Even if you don’t think you owed them anything, help them anyway. It is better to let someone to be in your debt, rather than the other way around.

You may disagree with what I have written here. And that’s OK. You don’t owe it to me to agree with it.