Face your fear

Jude, you wont remember this. You told me one time that you dreamed of a monster and you were very scared. My first question back to you was how does the monster look. You told me it has sharp claws. At that point, I believe 50% of what you said, and the rest were probably made up by yourself… But guess what? That was how you have learned to face your fear.

Most people, when faced with fear, they chose to run away. I’m not saying it’s wrong. Fight or flight. Natural instinct. But you have got to at least know what you were afraid of. Once you have recognised your real fear, trust me, you will find the solution and the courage to face it!

“The difference between being a coward and a hero is not whether you’ve scared. It’s what you do while you’re scared.” Says Major Jeff Struecker who was sent to Somalia for an almost suicidal mission.

Everyone has fear. I have had my fair share of fear. My biggest fear is whether I’ll be a good provider for you boys and Mommy. But what do I do to overcome the fear? I find better ways to work. I work with good people! Basically, I work even harder!

I have never run away from my fear. I eat fear for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I hope you will, too!