Be nice

Imagine for a second: You are the owner of a store. (What you sell doesn’t matter in this story. Just imagine it’s something anyone can buy.)

In came couple of individuals:

  1. A smartly dressed male ― Long sleeves shirt, well-pressed long pants, leather shoes;
  2. A dressed down younger male ― Over-sized t-shirt, Bermuda shorts, sneakers;
  3. A lady ― Elegantly dressed, heavy makeup, wears Prada;
  4. A teenage girl ― Carrying a backpack with her eyes glued on the phone throughout the entire time;
  5. A young lady ― Casually dressed, looking like she has just come out from workout session;
  6. A mid-50 man ― Holding a copy of newspaper under his armpit, short sleeves, shorts and sandals. With visible bulk in his shirt pocket, looking somewhat like a stack of cash.

Question: Which one of them will be your customer?

Answer: The one who puts something at the checkout counter and pays!

Moral of the story: The description of the individuals were there to confuse you. How they look and who they are totally do not matter. Each person who walks up to you can potentially be your customer, but it is the one who ultimately takes action will become your real customer. Until that happens, treat everyone equally nice. Remember: You will never be in one’s debt by being nicer.