Do not be sorry

I watched in awe (short of screaming like a high school girl who meets her idol for the first time,) when Sony revealed the gameplay trailer of upcoming God of War for the first time during E3 2016.

Kratos (the good guy in the game, who is also my biggest favorite in the world of Playstation,) was teaching his son how to hunt. After his son missed the shot and apologised to him, he said this to his son: “Do not be sorry. Be better!” A message that, so hit the nail on the head! It’s something I have always believed myself.

Saying sorry is important. It shows that you recognised there is a problem to be fixed. But fixing the problem, is even more important! Especially when you are able to. Do not make the mistake of using “sorry” as the way to get out of a situation. The only way to get out of a situation without having to feel sorry, is to fix it. Period.

Now, I hope you will enjoy the video as much as I did (still feel like screaming like a high school girl who meets her idol for the first time!)