42, still not yet a dragon

Early last year, I went to see geomancy master. She asked me if I have had difficult years so far? I said yes. She continued to tell me I was about to enter an even difficult 10-year phase starting from 41.

Today, I’m celebrating my 42nd birthday. Which means to say, 1/10 of the journey down, 9/10 to go! How depressing! Though, this will only work if I chose to believe what she said. Which, can be quite a struggle for me.

My religion forbids me from believing such practices. But I also cannot deny it had indeed been really challenging journey for me. I don’t consider myself very suay. I’m blessed to have married a good wife, who gave birth to two awesome kids. In the department of “Personal life”, I have nothing to complain. But when it comes to everything else, I find myself constantly fighting uphill battles.

Outsiders may think of me as someone who’s having a good life, good job and probably making tonnes of money. But very few would know how much blood an sweat I have to shed, what kind of struggles I have to go through each day just to make the next dollar. In fact, I would do the epic split on top of two Volvo trucks just to make my point!

Though, I’m also a fighter too. A stubborn fighter! So what if there are another nine difficult years to go? Or 19? Or 29? I’ll take them on, one day at a time!

Happy birthday to me!