Go see the world

As I wrote this, we just came back from Whistler. Yes it is a very beautiful place. Both you boys were having such great time playing in the snow. I wish I can say the same for myself, only truth is, it was more of a torture for me. Can’t blame me, after living for over four decades, this is the first time I see snow. Before this, the coldest I had ever experienced was the walk-in refrigerator at 7-11 where I used to work part-time. This brings us to the point I want to make today: Don’t wait until you are 40 then go see snow! Well obviously you both have already fulfilled this at such tender age. I should rephrase: Don’t let this be the only time you see snow!

For as long as Papa and Mama are still alive, we will do our best to bring you boys to see as much of the world as we can. But it will be an even greater experience if you can bring yourselves to do that. When I was younger, I only thought about working hard, make more money. The joke is, after working hard for so many years, I still don’t have a lot of money, but I for sure have missed a lot of opportunities to travel. Money used finish can make some more, but time passed already will not come back anymore!

So don’t be like me, be a brave traveller. Go see the world!