Doing the right things vs doing things right

Dear Jude, it was raining cats and dogs when I came to pick you up from school the other day. In case you forget, there are two gates to enter your school — one located next to bus stop with shelter all the way in; the other without shelter. I alighted at the gate next to the bus stop  with shelter hoping I could enter your school since I didn’t bring umbrella. Together with me there was an old lady who was also there to pick her grand child.

We found out the hard way that the gate next to the bus stop was locked in the afternoon. We waited awhile hoping someone could come to our “rescue”. Then I saw the school security guard walking towards us from inside. In my mind, I was about to sing the song of praise, until I realised he didn’t come to open the gate for us, but for a vehicle which was leaving the school compound. I asked him nicely, since he had already unlocked the gate, could we enter the school from there in view of the heavy rain. He refused to let us in, citing school policy forbids so. Realising I was fighting the wrong battle, I asked him instead if he would let the old lady in, because it’s only humane to not let an old lady walk in heavy rain. He didn’t barge and continued to close the gate.

Was I angry with the security guard? No I was not. Because he was doing things right!

At another occasion, I went to McDonald’s to meet a friend. I remembered clearly I had a coupon for free coffee that was expiring that day. Right after I launched the app and selected the coupon, I realised the coupon had expired at 12 midnight. The barista saw my predicament, she let me have the coffee for free anyway, although I was happy to pay for it.

Would I be angry with the barista if she didn’t give me the free coffee? No I would not. But was I happy that she did? Heck yes! Because she was doing the right things!

What kind of person will you become? Someone who does things right, or someone who does the right things? Just imagine yourself as the person on the receiving end, you will then find the answer very apparent!