I don't get it.

In the beginning, it was inefficient to communicate through mails, human said, let there be a better tool, the phone was invented.

The old phones couldn’t show who’s calling, human said, let there be display of caller’s identity, so the Caller-ID was introduced, and you need to pay five bucks to use it.

When realized more and more of their calls got rejected, human said, let there be non-display of caller’s identity, so the Caller-Non ID was introduced, and you have to pay another five bucks to use it.

Coward vs Hero

Sleepless night.

Someone once asked me, what does it take to be one’s own boss. My answer to him was: to be able to survive the thought of not getting the paycheck anymore.

Sounds like easy? Think again! How it’s like when there is no more paycheck waiting for you at the end of the month, you are wondering if you will have enough money to pay the rent (or the mortgage), the bills, the nice dinner you used to enjoy every other week, the gift you have promised to buy for you love one(s), and so on.

Those who still live with their parents may not find it a big deal, but for me who am totally on my own, let me tell you one thing: it scares the shit out of me, not just at times, but all of the times!

The only thing that comforts me, is when I remembered what that Ssgt Struecker said in Black Hawk Down: “The difference between being a coward and hero is not whether you’re scared, it’s what you do while you’re scared.”

So what do I do when I’m scared? I’ll first pray, reminding myself that God is with me. Then I’ll go out and make things happen!

And as a matter of fact, I have survived the thought of not getting paycheck. I mean, I’m already out here, see?

The Making of the Next Ogilvy

I know, that’s quite a big statement (the title), but they say it is better to aim for the sky, and when you fall, you will fall on the stars. So, I hope to be the Ogilvy in Web Design. Not to be as creative as him, but to build up the agency as big as his.

According to expert, the first step in starting out your own business, is to have a very clear idea of “WHY”. More than half of businesses folded up within five years, some didn’t even make it through the second year, because they didn’t know why they started the business in the first place.

So, here I am going to do my part, in defining the “WHY”. And, as a matter of fact, I have always had my “WHY” at the back of my mind.

Here’s the first WHY… Continue reading “The Making of the Next Ogilvy”

A Whole New Chapter

2007 is finally here! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had been waiting for it to come.

I have big plans for the new year, and the years to come. Saving up for buying a house, to get married, to set up my own consultancy firm are the three major things I’m going to accomplish this year.

I didn’t think about buying a house in Singapore until recently when my landlord decided to increase the rent of my room. The kind of money I pay for rent would be so enough to pay the mortgage of a small HDB flat here. It’s not like I didn’t know the math in the past 6 years, let’s just say, if the world was really up to us, I would be in Shanghai since a year ago.

My point is: up till last year, I didn’t think I would stay in Singapore for this long, but now, I think I do.

So big plans ahead, lots to do. Happy new year to you too!

Hello world, again!

Yes, it’s so cliche to use that for the title of my very first post. I’m not even sure how did that “hello world” thing come by, I just know it’s something almost every programmer would type whenever they test out a new computer program.

So, hello world, again!

Why “again”? Because this is not the first time I blog, and this blog isn’t all that new. I started to blog since 1999, which was a while before I moved to Singapore. During that time this was supposed to be a “what’s new” thing in my old personal site, slowly it evolved into a journal kind of thing (the word “blog” wasn’t even invented then!) and I had been blogging since then.

But I never got to become a famous blogger, probably because I never blogged about sex, politics, and how to make a billion dollars just by telling people how they can make a million dollars by blogging. But once I mentioned “10-minute haircut” in my blog, the very next moment it became the highest referred keyword. When people google for “10-minute haircut”, my blog came up first. Which was like, whoa! What a small success! But then again, I never became a famous blogger.

Maybe I will start to blog about sex, politics, and how to make a billion dollars just by telling people how they can make a million dollars by blogging; and to make it even better, I might also upload the video of numbskull dancing in yellow underwear, and my nude shots (if I ever undergo sex-change). I’m sure I will have better chances of becoming a famous blogger soon! Man, I’m excited already!…

… Now, I forgot what is it I was supposed to blog today…