Tech support and the bouncer

Just because we use computer to do our job, it doesn’t mean we can be your tech support. Just like not everyone who works at strip club would take off their clothes and let you stuff dollar notes into their underwear. I mean, would you do this to the 300-pound bouncer at the entrance?

(Originally posted on Facebook on 8 Oct 2009)

People are my neighbors

I see people beyond their skin color. I don’t care whether they wear red, yellow, white or blue. Whether they pray morning and night, or five times a day, or pray only on Sundays. I see travel and identity documents as the convenient ways for people to locate each other should they find each other missing. I see languages as the way parents chose to communicate with their children from the day they were born. I see everyone as my neighbour, from the place I live called “Earth”.

Parenthood and sleep

After you became a parent, the first change you’ll notice in you, is you will start to believe that you may have better chances of seeing a real dragon (or unicorn if you have daughter), than having an uninterrupted sleep.

“Akira-inspired” iPhone 5 Lego Stand

So here’s the story: we all knew iPhone 5 is physically longer. Because of that my previous DIY Lego iPhone stand was forced to retire. My original intention was just to increase the height by a little, ended up I took everything apart and built this. If you grew up with Akira, you will find this familiar. The front wheel is missing as I ran out of Lego parts.

A year full of bliss, and counting

Exactly one year ago on this day, I made the promise before God, that I will be true to my wife, love her and honor her all the days of my life, in good times and bad times, in sickness and in health. I have kept my promise so far, and I intend to continue to keep it in the many years to come.

Happy anniversary to Monica – my wife, my best friend, the mother of my child.