SingTel Huawei E180 on Snow Leopard 10.6.4

Huawei E180

I have always dreaded calling SingTel’s technical support. They would always put me on hold for forever, then after that, came back with less than helpful suggestion.

Since about a month ago, I had not been able to connect to SingTel’s Broadband on Mobile using the Huawei E180 USB modem. Since I was going away for the month-long vacation, I didn’t spend much time persuing the matter. Now that I’m back, I’ve decided to call up SingTel to seek help.

After explaining my problem briefly, the customer support officer seemed to know what had gone wrong, he told me he was going to “reset” my connection, and I should be able to connect again after 5-10 minutes. Although I did not understand what he meant by resetting my connection, it did sound like a promising solution.

So I patiently waited 10 minutes before I plugged in the USB modem and tried to connect again. Same error message showed up, saying the device failed to establish connection.
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Teach Your Kids To Tie Their Own Shoelace

Do you have a maid(s) at home? If you do, you owe it to your kids, to tell educate them that the purpose of the maid is there to help out with the housework, to do what you CANT AFFORD to do, not what you DON’T WANT, or TOO LAZY to do.

The maid cooks for you because you have to work, that’s fair. But asking the maid to feed your child because you are too busy gobbling down your food? Or asking the maid to walk your dog because you are too busy watching soccer match? That’s a bit not right! Continue reading “Teach Your Kids To Tie Their Own Shoelace”

Buyer vs Seller

I thought I should get a laptop cooler, but I didn’t think I have the time to go shop for it at Sim Lim, so I checked out local auction sites to see if I could find anyone selling it online (interestingly that’s the only way you can find decent things to buy online in this technologically-advanced Singapore…)

Indeed I found some at Yahoo! Auctions. After considerations, I shortlisted and placed a Buy Now for one.

It didn’t take long for the seller to contact me, which was good, I always respect responsive people, particularly online.

The seller moved on to discuss about delivery, he/she offered the options to meet up at Jurong East MRT or Bukit Batok MRT, in which both are inconvenient for me, and both are further than Sim Lim! So I requested for the seller to come to Paya Lebar MRT instead, after all I’m the buyer, and the money is in my pocket!

The seller remarked that Paya Lebar is out of the way for him/her, and proposed Serangoon as third option; again, somewhere I’m not familiar with and definitely sounds further than Sim Lim.

I thought for a while, then cancelled the order. I told the seller that sometimes I was the seller too, and I’d deliver the goods to wherever the buyers wanted me to. And I don’t believe that I shouldn’t expect people to do the same for me when I was the buyer.

Basically, I don’t believe that spending money should require efforts!

I’ll be moving over to China for good in few months time, I guess this will be one part of Singaporean that I’ll miss. Every second of the day, people in China are competing against each other in getting money out of others’ pocket; in Singapore, people are instead waiting for others to put money into their pocket! I’m going to miss this competition-less country.


It never ceases to annoy me, when people asked what tool should they use if they want to build better websites.

I feel like asking them in return: what type of spatula should they use if they want to cook better food.

If they can answer this question, they can answer the earlier question.