Car window sign for parents-to-be

Drivers who tailgate pisses me off — big time! Especially when my wife, who is 8-month pregnant, is in the car.

There were times when I just couldn’t give way, why? Because there were also cars in the slower lane and I would risk myself by cutting in just to give way to the wanker who thinks his time is more important than mine!

To send a message to those wankers, I came up with this car sign which I’m going to print out, laminate, and stick it under the rear windscreen.

Application example

Click the link below to download the high-res version that fits on standard A4 size paper.

Feel free to share it with all parents-to-be whom you know, who can use a little humor.

Download: “Pregnant Woman On Board” car sign printout


It was raining in the morning, so I thought I should walk Monica to the MRT station, and I could get myself a nice coffee on my way back.

Right after we crossed the road, I spotted a dead cat behind the bus stop. The dead cat was so dead with its guts exposed in the open. Forget the details, but I was too slow to stop Monica from looking hence she saw. She got rather disturbed, and we both started to think how it might affect others too, since that spot was rather trafficked, many people walk pass that spot, old and young.

After seeing Monica off at the MRT station, I got back home to check the web for information on how to deal with roadkill, surprisingly (or not-surprisingly, rather) there wasn’t any helpful information that I could find.
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The Blind Side. The Bright Side.

Two things I’ve learnt after watching The Blind Side:

  1. That nice people do exist.
  2. Although it was destiny that I couldn’t choose to be born in a famous family, but on the bright side: I can choose to foster a son who might become a famous person in future.

For that matter, I’m telling Monica to start keeping a lookout for homeless kid. Especially one who plays ball…

Thanks to Oscar nominations (best picture and best actress), otherwise I would have missed the good movie.

Why Is There A Woman Behind Every Successful Man?

Because without one, men would have gone ahead and done all the things they thought it was right to do. They would make all the wrong turnings without checking the map. They would spend all the money on something they thought it was right to spend on. They would even start to kill each other; and when men start to kill each other, there will not be many men left at the end of the day, much less for successful men. So that is why, there is, or rather, there has to be a woman behind every successful man.

Now I wonder why men is called “men” and women is called “women”, when I thought it should be the other way round. Men are simply incomplete without women.