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Hey, there’s this project going on. Its quite cool. Apparently this team set up a challenge to write a book in 24hours. They managed to write, launch, and sell 100 copies by their deadline. Due to the good response, they are setting another target, to sell 10,000 copies by Monday noon. A % of the proceeds will go to charity. They’ve already caught the eye of Singapore and and US media. Go be part of it!

Buy the book Get your friends to buy too. Proceeds go to ‘Make A Wish’ Foundation.

(Ok Lin, where’s my advertising money?)

Move out sale: Web Marketing Cookbook

Web Marketing Cookbook

I can’t remember where/when did I buy this from, or who did I “borrow” it from, but this is not a bad reference book if you are thinking of writing one. The contents however, maybe a bit outdated as it was written in 1997. That’s why I’m giving it away.

More information:
410 pages. Published in 1997.

I’m giving it away to the first person who responses to this blog post.

Move out sale: Uncommon Sense by Dr Mel Gill

Uncommon Sense by Dr Mel Gill

I bought this book out of impulse after listening to the author’s speech in one of those rah rah shows. Then I realized I couldn’t make much sense out of the book, maybe it’s because the book was written for people who have PhD (and I didn’t mean permanent head damage). Anyway, you can give it a shot, it did make me look good however every time I whipped it out and read in the MRT.

More information:
377 pages. Published in 2000.

I bought this for: S$35.95. Now I’m selling for: S$12.

Move out sale: The Speed Reading Book by Tony Buzan

The Speed Reading Book by Tony Buzan

I can’t really tell how useful is this book because I didn’t really pick up speed reading eventually, maybe I need to read it again and read it slowly in order to learn the technique…

Anyway, this is written by the same gentleman who invented mind mapping technique.

More information:
223 pages. Published in 2000.

I bought this for: S$17.99. Now I’m selling for: S$6.

Move out sale: Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden

Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden

If you have enjoyed the movie (directed by Ridley Scott), you will love the book more. Some of the scenes in the movie were made up in order to increase blockbuster sales, if you want something more real, read the book.

More information:
570 pages. Published in 1999.

I bought this for: S$16.38. Now I’m selling for: S$5.

Move out sale: Quick Reference Grammar and Usage [SOLD]

Quick Reference Grammar and Usage

If you are not sure when should you use “further” and when should you use “farther”, same goes for “long” and “lengthy”, you will find this reference book a great help. Citing thousands of common grammar problems. Did someone just say English is easy to learn?!

More information:
528 pages. Published in 2000.

I bought this for: S$16.54. Now I’m selling I sold it for: S$5.