Don't Worry, I'm Ok!

Couple of friends initiated a chat with we after they saw my Facebook status. They were asking why was I not happy. It made me realized there were people who care. With all my heart, I thanked them for asking.

It’s true I missed being happy. I missed the day when I had someone to share the good things and bad things with me. I missed having someone around for me. I missed having someone to work hard for. Basically, I’m not happy because I feel alone.

But saying not happy doesn’t mean I’m crying pity. I am still the same Dean Loh who everyone knows. By night I may cry and whine about all these shits which were going through my mind, but that’s only a way for me to flush out whatever I did not wish to carry over to the next day; and by the sun rises again, you would see the Dean who is full of energy and ready to hit the road again.

To my dearest friends who are reading this, thank you for caring, I’m really Ok. If ever anyone asks if you have a friend, who never says tired, who never gives up and never sees failure as option, you can tell them that you do know of someone. Tell them my name.